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Tad Phok in Ban Lanyao
Tad Phok an easy walk to a nearby waterfall flowing off the Bolaven Plateau. Access is through Ban Lanyao, an ethnic Oy community.
Tad Phapong in attapeu Tad Phapong one-day (6km) trek to nearby waterfall created by the Xe Xou River, many colorful rocks are along both sides of the river. This waterfall can also be accessed by boat (approximately a 5 hour trip).
Tad Saepha, Tad Samong phak Ban Mai and the Xepian National Protected Area one to two day treks (with local village stay in Ban Mai) to nearby Tad Saepha, Tad Samongphak and Tad Saeponglai, three waterfalls along the Xepian River . All three can be reached on foot or by boat during the rainy season. Boat tours are currently being developed with local guides from Ban Mai. A homestay program is also being developed in Mai village as a community based ecotourism initiative.
Dong Ampham National Protected Area Dong Ampham National Protected Area (although weather may hinder access). Several trails exist in the protected area although currently much remains undeveloped for tourist visits. Nong Fa, a pristine lake located in Dong Ampham NPA, can be reached by four-wheel drive vehicle or by a trekking excursion arranged through the local tour operator in Attapeu. Visits to Dong Ampham require at least two days.
Sanexai District Sanexai District (Ban Paam to Muang Khao) 2 to 5 day trek into the old district capital, passing through ethnic Alak villages. From Muang Khao, visitors can visit a nearby waterfall (4 km away). There is the option to continue back to Paam on foot or shuttle back by vehicle. There is also the option to continue another 3 days to Nong Fa, a lake located in the heart of Dong Ampham NPA.
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