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Trekking in the Nam Lan Conservation Area

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From Boun Tai district hire a local guide to take you on this 2-3 day trek that starts in Na Mak Village. On the way to Na Mak stop and visit the old Tai Lue style temple in Na Vai Village. If you want, spend the night in the Na Vai village guest house, a traditional Lue style house. From Na Mak, walk down the Nam Lan River Valley to Na Taen Village, a Tai Yang community where every family has a large stone mortar to hand-mill rice. Ask a village guide from Na Taen to take you to the hot springs near the village. After spending the night in the Na Taen traditional lodge, walk 5 hours to the Akha village Chakkham Daeng, high in the mountains overlooking the Lao border with Yunnan, China. Sleep in Chakkham Daeng. From Chakkham Daeng descend to the road at Lak 78 where a vehicle will take you back to Boun Tai or on to Phongsali.

Booking: To make a trek in the Nam Lan Conservation Area, visit the Guide Service Unit located at the District Tourism Office in Boun Tai district, Phongsali Province. Advance bookings are not necessary.

Old Tai Lue Temple
Rock outcroppings
Akha Villagers
Phongsaly Landscape Nam Lan Village temple