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Phou Xang Hae Trek: “Wild roads, culture and camping”

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5 Day Trek, Phu Xang Hae National Biodiversity Conservation Area

Operated by: Savannakhet Eco-guide Association

View from ridge tip in Vilabuli District, Savannakhet

day 1

After the orientation in Savannakhet town, travel with the guide to one of two partner phouthai villages in the isolated district of Vilabouli. Upon arrival, we are welcomed after our long day's travel (NB: Be prepared for some rough, sometimes uncomfortable travel throughout this trip – as we visit very remote areas). Experience the rich culture of the Phouthai people in the vicinity of “ Muang Vang Ang Kham ,' or an area that is known as the ‘Cradle of the PhouThai'. Trekkers will have the opportunity to observe local lifestyles, agriculture, the silk making process, and weaving in the village. The evening will be an unforgettable cultural exchange. Learn to speak a few words of Phou Thai and you're sure to make friends for life.

day 2

After breakfast start our climb up the mountain. Hear the legend of “Nang Lun and Nang Laa,“ two sisters who's epic story leads you through a series of rock formations along the range. En route pass through many different kinds of forest, from jungle to rocky outcrops, and discover the bare rock formation that is believed by some to be the four lane tarmac highway of an ancient civilization. Here we can eat lunch and observe nature, many different birds and the tracks of some larger animals. Learn about some of the edible herbs and brush fruits, and add them to your dinner, prepared by your guide later that evening. Trekkers will camp in the beauty of the mountain, and eat with village guides.

Day 3

Trekker in the forest in Savannakhet

If in November, you may be able to hear the singing of the gibbons as the sun rises. After breakfast we walk to “Tham Xang See“ or the elephant scratching cave. Here see the walls of the cave rubbed smooth by itchy wild elephants visiting  the cave during wet season. From here walk on to “Tham Phuang“ cave to lunch. The trip continues to sacred “Hin Lam Phan“ rock formation that looks like giant mushrooms. The guide will instruct you about taboos and appropriate  behavior in this sacred place. Camp for the night!

Day 4

After breakfast trek  to “Darn Sao Hai“ or the Crying Maiden Peak. The rocky plateau also gives trekkers an extensive view over forest to the south and east down to the plains of Savannakhet. Here, listen to the story and find out why the maiden was crying… Trek on to Darn Nang Ngoi  plateau and see the sweeping views of Khamuanne Province, east to the Annamite Mountains between Laos and Vietnam .

Next descend into” Thampaa” Buddha cave. Finally descend to the second village and to be welcomed to the community by your village guides. Enjoy another home stay experience here.

Day 5

After breakfast, learn more about village life before saying fare well to the village and traveling back to Savannakhet town. (Very Rough Road) We Arrive in Savannakhet in the evening.

Regular Trip Departures on Tuesdays (maximum 2 departures per month)
Tel: +856-41-214-203