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360-degree view, Challenge, Secret Trail -2 Days Hike

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Hike daily approx. 5-6 hours
Moderate, short hill climbs and descents walk up and down of hills.

To explore real nature, trek through mountains, overgrown of wild on the secret trail (hundred years ago trail from Luang Namtha to Muang Sing was built by French Army), offering you a stunning 360-degree view, jungle forest, searching wild animals, French army trail, hidden waterfall, mountains villages, local life in countryside, amazing of sunset and sunrise, secret of Stupa and visit the home of ethnic diversity that we called Muang Sing.

Day 1: Luang Namtha-Ban Nam Yang-Old French Army. Approx. 5-6 hours
Departure from Luang Namtha town by Tuk Tuk to stop at Ban Nam Yang (Akha Village) take a few minutes, next continue follow the old Falangs* trail to explore natures, you will see many kind of forest, green nature of view and some wide as far as the eyes can see. Around 2.5 hours you will arrive place for lunch that high mountain around 1,600 meters from the sea level.

After enjoy with the traditional lunch, continue walk through old forest about an and half hours we arrive the wide of cogon grass, next walk up to the view point where higher 1,800 mater, this place you can see unlimited view as: view on the northeast you will see thousands of green mountains, view on the southeast nearly you will see green mountain as far from the green mountain you will see unlimited of forest mountain and view of the western most higher mountains, that make you happy and untiring, then walk through cogon grass.

You will arrive the camp area around 16-17:00 and this’s place also view point more than 1,880 meters, from here you will see Luang Namtha and Muang Sing Valley that marvelous view of the mountain and also you will see beautiful sunset. Your guides will prepare dinner and tent for you.

Day 2: Old French army-Muang Sing. Approx. 5-6 hours
On the early morning the guide will prepare coffee for you, then you will see great of sunrise, after breakfast continue trek to the end of the mountain, about 2 hours you will see some rest of French American army equipment and then walk into the wild, lunch will prepare on the trail by the guide, walk through jungle forest to Xieng Tueng of Stupa (the important Stupa in Muang Sing), take a time a few minutes at the Stupa and the final get the public bus back to Luang Namtha. Option: the tour can finish in Muang Sing.
- End of tour-

“*” “Falang” is Laos language mean French, “Falangs trail” is mean French trail; when Muang Sing came under French control, French was built the trail from Muang Sing-Luang Namtha-Huay Xai (Laos-Thailand border), On December 2, 1975, the king of Laos was forced to abdicate his throne and the Lao People's Democratic Republic was established, the “Falangs Trail” came under Laos government control and close the trail until now 50 years ago. Now the Laos government was allow for open trekking trail, more info about the trail please read “History of Old Falangs Trail”
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Update: 15 Dec 2013