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2 Days Forest Camp Elephant Trail

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Day 1 hike approx. 4-5 hours & Day 2 approx. 3-4 hours.
Moderate, short hill climbs and descents walks up and down of hills

Trails of wild elephants can be found in the Nam Ha NPA (Nam Ha National Protected Area) southeast of Muang Sing where elephants live a nomadic life travelling between China and Laos. Stay in a forest camp in the Nam Ha NPA hosted by Akha people; traverse an old forest; visit a waterfall and meet friendly Akha and Yao people.

Day 1: Muang Sing-Jungle Forest Camp. Approx. 4-5 hours
Start from our office by Tuk Tuk around 30 minutes to the southeast of Nam Ha NPA. The trail ascend and descend the mountain Nam Ha NPA pass old growth forest, primary bamboo forest and wild banana forest to visit waterfall, on the mountain you can see many of view Nam Ha NPA and learn about them.
While you are trekking along the trail you will see many kind of birds and birds calling by experience guide, your guide will teach you how to make a bird call, dear barking and squirrel sounds.
Lunch will be eaten on the trail, the trip will arrive in the jungle forest camp about an hour, easy walking in the jungle near the forest camp following the elephants trail, searching footprints and other elements that prove the presence in the forest of many wild lives further elephant also bear, tiger, gaur, monkey, barking dear, gibbon, wild pigs, jungle fowl etc…dinner in the forest camp.
The guide will point out interesting things and useful plants and herbal medical care such as cardamoms, galangals...Stay in a forest camp in the Nam Ha NPA hosted by Akha people.

Day 2: Jungle Forest Camp-Muang Sing. Approx. 4-5 hours
In the early morning you will hear the gibbon calling from the higher mountain and if you are lucky you will hear the bark of the wild elephant.
Your guide will prepare your breakfast in the forest camp, after that, walk through old forest, agriculture field visit Akha village, and traditional lunch will provided in the village.
After lunch walk through a lot of different ethnic villages issued from Yao, Akha and Tai Lue people. You will be learning about the cultural differences between them during the walk. Lunch will be served on the trail and the final get the Tuk Tuk back Muang Sing.
- End of tour -.
Head Office, Phou Iu Travel and Eco-Tourism, Laos

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Update: 15 Dec 2013