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3 Days Trek Akha Trail

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Start-Finish: Vieng Phoukha town or Luang Namtha town
Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
Departure: 9:00 AM daily from Vieng Phoukha; 8:00 from Luang Namtha town
Difficulty: Moderate, short hill climbs and descents walks up and down of hills

Trip Overview
The first day easy trek pass forest to visit Khmu village, participate in the forging process, stay overnight in Khmu village, the second day trek to inside Nam Ha NPA, you will be able to see many different kinds of NTP’s (Non Timber Forest Products), also the forest of many wild lives further elephant also bear, tiger, gaur, monkey, barking dear, gibbon, wild pigs, jungle fowl etc…, visit cave, Akha home stay and lunches will be prepared in the traditional way in the forest along the path.

Day 1: Nong Kham-Ban Tah Leng. Approx. 5-6 hours
Start from our office by Tuk Tuk you will be driven towards the drop-off point. On the way you will see your first ethnic village, a Khmu Kheon tribe village called Nong Kham. Here you will stop and pick up a trusty guide.
The first day’s trek leads you across the flat rice field of the Nong Kham people and then up to the mountain through young forest. Here you will be able to see a great view of Vieng Phoukha, where you started. Then you will walk down and through the primary forest and see many types of NTPs (Non Timber Forest Products). Your guides will share their experience about traditional medicines. This leg should take about three hours. You will stop for a traditional lunch along the bank of a stream.
After lunch, you will head for a nearby mountain. The way will take about three hours; along the way you will be shown many animal trails through the forest. At the top of the mountain is the Akha tribal village called Ban Tah Leng, where you will overnight.
While your local hosts prepare dinner, you can stroll around and check out the daily lives of the villagers, or you can opt for a refreshingly cool swim in the Nam Mai River down the hill. Or you might choose to go gather fishes with the local people.  After dinner, you will receive an Akha ethnic massage from the women of the tribe. The giving of massage to visitors of the village is an Akha tradition.

Day 2: Ban Tah Leng-Ban Tah Long. Approx. 4-5 hours
After waking and enjoying the traditional Akha breakfast around 9 am, we start walking to the Khmu Village pass old forest; you will encounter the Maamaint cave (Khmmu ethnic name), several massive old trees, many types of bamboo and good thick forest. If you are stealthy you may see some wild animals such as monkeys, wild goats, wild pigs, etc. Later, you will have a traditional lunch with the guides and then continue on to Tah Long village (Khmmu Youane tribe) where you will overnight.
Lunch will be prepared in the traditional way in the forest along the path. The guides know how to boil water and make soup within vessels made of bamboo. They will encourage you to take part in the preparation of the meal, showing you how to construct simple spoons and chopsticks from leaves and cups from bamboo. They will also brew a medicinal tea from wild plants collected along the way.

Day 3: Ban Tah Long-Vieng Phoukha. Approx. 4-5 hours
Before breakfast, if the weather is good and you are a bit of a morning person, feel free to take a walk around the village to see the Khmu people preparing to work in the fields. In the morning there is sometimes a sea of fog hanging over the landscape, amongst which the villagers will be feeding their animals.
Around 9 am, you will have a good two hour hike down the mountain before lunch, and then you will continue the trek until you arrive at the Vieng Phoukha valley. Here the trek concludes and a driver will be waiting to transport you back to town. There should be enough time in the day to travel onwards to the Thai border at Huay Xai if you choose.
- End of tour -.

Nam Ha Hill Tribe Eco-Trek

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Update: 15 Dec 2013